This outfitter has been in the aoudad hunting business over a couple decades. He recently picked up a 30,000-acre ranch located southwest of Marfa in the Chinati Mountains. He will hunt this ranch for the first time in 2014 and plans on taking a total of 8 rams off the place. Hunts will start in January and price will be $4,500 for 4 hunting days guided 2x1 and will include lodging and meals, along with a javelina if the opportunity arises.

Long range shooting is a likely possibility on this ranch and he expects to take rams at 28 inches or better. Spot and stalk will be the method of hunting and they will use pickup trucks and possibly a 4-wheel drive mule to assist. Hunters will fly into El Paso or Midland and rent a car for the 2 ½ hour drive to the ranch. Hunt AU11.

Jim Bonetti with his nice Auodad taken on Hunt AU685.

HCU Cliff Graham with his big Aoudad on Hunt AU685.

Jeff Lutz with his big ram taken on Hunt AU685.