Here are some of the top rated sheep and goat outfitters in North America.
Listed are 2 of the top dall sheep outfitters in the Northwest Territories with a success rate exceeding 95% on full curl rams averaging 37 plus inches and over 10 years in age. We have an Alaskan Brooks Range outfitter that only takes 4 hunters per year and has continued to stay at 100% success on heavy mature rams. Another Alaska outfitter has his own concession in the Wrangell’s, where no other guide or outfitter is allowed to conduct any hunts. This is rare in Alaska.
Check out the British Columbia stone sheep outfitters. In 2010 all 3 outfitters went 100% success; totaling 29 rams for 29 hunters including 8 over 40 inches and 2 went an amazing 43.
The Alberta bighorn outfitter has 2 non-resident tags and last fall both hunters took home mature rams, including 70-year old John Moser completing his grand slam. The British Columbia outfitter took 8 hunters and scored on 8 California bighorns up to 170 inches and 15 3/4-inch bases.
The Mexico desert sheep outfit took a 185-inch ram with one of the two permits they get on Tiburon Island and also a 181-inch ram in Sonora.
The best aoudad outfitter we are aware of in the states is listed below. He only takes up to 5 hunters per year with a 100% success rate and the average ram goes over 28 inches, with some up to 32!
We have 7 different mountain goat hunts for you to review, including 5 in British Columbia and 2 in Alaska. One is conducted off a 50-foot yacht that has been 100% success past years on long-haired mature billies and another on Kodiak Island.
Look over these hunts and call us anytime for more details or to speak with the outfitter direct.


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Jason Hathaway with his nice bighorn.

HCU Cliff Graham with his big dall sheep taken on an HCU Hunt.

Frank Tuma with his full curl stone sheep taken on an HCU hunt.